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Your partner for moving in the Greater Montreal Area and in Quebec.
Planning the moveGeneral advice.
Several organizations, such as CAA and ACQ (Quebec Trucking Association), list the important verifications to do when choosing a mover:

Be careful with
Ads that are not displaying a phone number or providing an address. In some cases, self proclaimed “movers” won’t be able to provide you with a business address or even have operating rights.
Good deals
Stay away from “good deal, lowest price”. You will not get the same service and the same protection for half the price.
Always verify the inclusions
Always confirm what is included: insurance, moving supplies, as well as the number of movers they plan to send.
Address change
Get your address change cards from the post office and send them out prior to the moving date.
Forward mail
Forward your mail to your new address with the post office.
Contracted Services
Cancel services you can’t transfer and according pre-authorized payments if appliable.
Inform your service providers
Inform your service providers: landscaping, dry cleaning, delivery services of newspapers and magazines and all others of your moving. Take the necessary steps to transfer these services to your new address.
Subscriptions or affiliations
Cancel or transfer your subscriptions or memberships to social, athletic, religious or professional organizations.
Professional Services
Ask your dentist, doctor, pharmacist and optometrist to transfer your medical and dental records and prescriptions.